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Additional costs when buying a property in Italy

When buying a property various taxes and fees will be charged to the buyer. In Italy taxes and fees are among the highest in Europe! Even before signing a preliminary contract you should get detailed information about the cost of all applicable taxes and fees and, at best, have them confirmed in writing.


When buying a property in Italy one has to make a one-off payment of land transfer tax. In some cases instead of the land transfer tax one has to pay VAT. Luxury properties are taxed separately. When sold prematurely an additional speculation tax is due. continue


Fees which are payable when you buy a property are, for example, notary fees, legal fees, estate agency fees as well as further costs for surveyors and/or architects, who have been consulted during the buying process. All services are taxed with 22 % VAT. continue

Continuous costs

Not only when purchasing a property, but also during the following years varies taxes and fees are due for the maintenance of the property. continue

Good to know

In Italy a property is liable for all outstanding taxes, even if these debts were incurred only or also by the legal predecessors. In practice this risk is often underestimated. To minimize this risk Italian property law requires the vendor to declare that he has listed the property in his last income tax return, otherwise he is liable to the buyer. Make sure the vendor hands over this document preferably before the conclusion of the sales contract.

Further information on buying a property in Italy