Your lake Garda property market
Your lake Garda property market
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Buying a property on lake Garda step by step

Purchase contracts for Italian properties are subject to Italian law; it does not matter whether the contract was concluded in Italy or abroad. It is also permitted that the contract has been drafted in a language other than Italian; in that case, however, a translation which has been officially certified in Italy has to be attached to the sales contract. The written form is absolutely necessary for all purchase contracts of property.

In Italy a property purchase is comprised of the following 4 steps:

Making an irrevocable offer to buy

An offer to buy is a unilateral legal transaction in so far as the offer to buy is binding only for you as buyer and – should the vendor accept your offer – obliges you to the purchase. continue

Conclusion of a binding preliminary contract

In Italy ownership of a property changes directly after the conclusion of the notarial sales contract and is transferred to the buyer. For this reason it is customary in Italy to conclude a preliminary contract before completion of the final deed. continue

Conclusion of a sales contract

Although the preliminary contract is already legally binding, in Italy one also has to conclude a sales contract for the duly completed acquisition of a property; without a sales contract the transfer of ownership does not take place. continue

Entry in the real estate register

All purchases of property have to be made public and are registered with the Land Registry Office. The Land Register divides properties into different categories depending on type, location and value. These serve primarily for the taxation of a property. continue

Further information on buying property in Italy