Your lake Garda property market
Your lake Garda property market
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What else you have to be beware of…

Buying a property is always a delicate and complex matter – this is especially true when buying abroad. Here some additional information you might find useful:

Real estate auction sales

What isn’t nice for concerned parties, can become a real good deal for bargain hunters. The premise: They have to know what they are doing. continue

First option to buy

Independently of their ownership structure some properties are offered on a statutory right of first refusal. continue

Historical properties

Before taking the decision to buy a an ancient countryhouse you should ask an expert to tell you to what extent you are allowed to make changes to this property. continue

Rural properties

If you want to buy a country house with a lot of land, there are even more things to check and find out before the purchase than when buying a property for private use in a residential area. continue

The cadastral layout

The cadastral layout – “Planimetria catastale” – is a technical drawing on a scale of 1:200 of a property unit which is registered with the land registry office. continue

The certificate of habitability

The certificate of habitability tells us whether a property conforms to the standards of Italian building regulations as well as local development plans. continue

Further information when buying a property in Italy