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A Time-saving construction process through prefabricated brick parts

08 March 2018

Alp House: Highest quality with a fixed price guarantee and on time implementation – an innovative concept

Building projects often suffer from too much bureacracy, a longer construction period than expected, expenses that haven’t been taken into account and hassles with craftsmen. But not necessarily!

Through the advantageous method of a prefabricated brickwork system, buildings are professionally realised at the highest level.

Alp House provides a fixed price guarantee for its clients, from the very beginning.

The main focus is on the joint planning with the owner of the property. And also, unlike standardized prefab houses, Alp House offers the possibility of individualizing the new home according to the wishes of the owner, which is another principle focus.

The prefabricated walls are produced in the manufacturing hall in Vipiteno, row by row with a modern brick machine.

This prefabricated construction method allows a healthy interiour climate, since harmful molds and mildews won’t occur because of a reduced weather exposure of the shell construction.

The prefabricated walls are transported to the building site by a truck and are installed based on a modular principle. This way the company can meet the fixed deadline agreed at the conclusion of the contract and punctually hand over the massive brick house as a turnkey project.

One contact person takes care of the performance, coordination and supervision of the whole construction progress from the beginning til the hand-over of keys. This way, Alp House clients save time and hassle.

Helmuth Leitner, managing director of Alp House, counts on his professional team and is convinced of being on the right track: “We only build once and exactly the way our clients want us to build. This indicates that every project has to be seen in a different way. For this reason, three main points matter to us: Firstly, we precisely listen to the client. Secondly, we individually plan according to the clients wishes. Thirdly, we deliver a flawless execution on schedule.”

And this is how a house is built out of prefabricated brick parts

Step 1: The consultation

After the inspection of the building site, wishes, ideas and price expectations of the owner are collected. The planning of the dream property then happens step by step together with the client. Using a 3D-programme, the house can be seen on its out- and inside to give the owner a clear idea of how it will turn out. To avoid bad surprises, all occuring costs are calculated in the background of the programme. This way the fixed price can be guaranteed right form the beginning. Also when dealing with municipal requests and applications Alp House doesn’t leave their clients alone. Experts help through the jungle of bureacracy and provide clear and transparent fundamental information on legal matters of building laws.

Step 2: The sampling

From the windows to the doors of the in- and outside of the house, over tiles and wooden floors, staircases, balconies or sanitary items. When selecting the materials the client gets professional assistance of a consultant of Alp House.

Step 3: The production

Now a plan becomes reality. The in-house technical office sends the plan signed-off by the client to the production hall. There the production of the prefabricated brick parts is immediatley beginning. The semi-automatic wall machine produces each brick row precisely to the millimetre given with minimum cutting. The advantage: Since the walls are produced in the hall, the manifacturing can be done in any weather condition. And also: Through the production in that dry climate no harmful molds and mildews occur. Likewise all electric installations are carried out in the hall. The electrician saves precious time at the building site; the construction site furthermore remains clean.

Step 4: The foundation

During the production of the prefabricated brick parts, everything at the building site is beeing prepared. A solid foundation is essential. Alp House overtakes not only the foundation works, but also mounts the precast concrete components of the basement. As soon as the basement ceiling is poured and dried, the brick walls can be delivered.

Step 5: The transportation

In the hall, the prefabricated brick walls are loaded onto a truck and are directly transported to the building site. Transporting the walls is crucial and requests strong nerves, since the way to the construction site often leads through narrow streets and alleys. At arrival at the building site every single wall is directly towed to the installation site by a crane.

Step 6: The installation

The walls are installed based on a modular principle. This saves an enormous amount of time. The building shell is in place within a few weeks and the roof is weatherproof. A reason to celebrate: At the traditional topping-out ceremony a toast goes to a trouble-free construction process.

Step 7: The final completion

The building shell is in place. Now the house needs to be finalised. The plasterwork of the walls gets done, the final wall decor is applied, installation and screed works are carried out, windows and doors get inserted, the painter starts with his work, the tiler- and floor layer starts with the laying of the floor covering, the hydrolic system as well as the sanitary systems gets installed and the heating circuit is put into operation.

To ensure a smooth progress of all ongoing works, an Alp House expert remains on site, coordinates everything and is there to answer all arising questions a client might have.

Step 8: The hand-over of keys

When all last precision works are done, the new home can be deliverd turnkey-ready. At the arranged fixed-price and at the date fixed. Alp House subsequently submits a 10-year quality warranty – for a safe feeling in a new feel-good house.


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