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A “Central Park” for Verona

21 August 2017

Similar to cities like Munich, London, Paris and New York, the city of Verona now wants to create a central green space as a meeting point a recreation area for it’s citizens.

Fitting the standards of Verona’s size, the area will consist of 260.000 square meters and run alongside the river Etsch and the town walls up until the city gate Porta Vescovo. The length of the park will amount to about a kilometer and will have the size of 35 football fields.

For a long period of time this area was occupied by military barracks of the NATO. Now, that the whole territory has been recultivated and the historic buildings have been restructured, this area full of memories will be given back to the citizens of Verona. The goal is to create one of the biggest public green parks of Europe: Modern, illuminated and video monitored, with walkways and cycling tracks, playgrounds and recreation areas and more than 1.000 additionally planted trees!

Also residential homes will be part of the park

It will be a huge project. Only 400 meters distant from the well known Arena, in the middle of the new green oasis in front of the towngates of Verona, there won’t only be built new offices and commercial activities, but also residential homes.

240 dwelling units – modern, energy efficient and in different sizes. The sustainable building concept underlines the cut of energy costs – even up to 70 % less in comparison to the existing building stock.

No doubt that Verona as a citiy will be valorized because of this new project, not only due to the optimized housing technologies attracting Verona lovers, but it will also be a place for everybody, young and old, students and families.

The imediate proximity to Verona and it’s cultural treasures of the town centre, and the university with it’s ongoing events, is not only promising a good investment for seeking buyers, but also promises a high quality living standard difficult to campare with anything similar in Verona since there is no other green space as big as this one.

The project will be realized by the Dutch studio Studio West8 Urban design & landscape. Here you will find further information.
(Source: casaverona.i;

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