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Your lake Garda property market
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Cycle tourism – The route around Lake Garda

13 February 2017

The dream will come true! In October 2016 we reported about the big dream of a 140 km long cycling trail around Lake Garda, which now seems to becomes reality. It is supposed to become one of the longest, most impressive and well equipped cycle trails in Italy – even Europe. For Lake Garda a huge asset, which should be completed within a few years’ time.

Next to the VenTo touristic cycleway, which connects Venice to Turin and the Sun route (ciclovia del Sole) on the North-South, the project will be a stunning tourist attraction as part of a Cycle Tourism Masterplan. The two cycling trails, which will soon be carried out, are going to connect Peschiera del Garda with Pastrengo and Garda with Torri del Benaco – more up North, trails in Malcesine and Brenzone.

Mitt­woch, 22. Fe­bru­ar 2017

Now it’s official: the long awaited cycling ring around Lake Garda is supposed to be finished within five years’ time, claims the accessor of economic developement of the Lombardy region while pointing out the value of the already existing paths such as the cycling trail between Desenzano and Salò and trails in Toscolano, Gargnano and Limone.

The beautiful cycling path of about two kilometres crossing through the village Limone and connecting Capo Reamol with the border of the Trentino region is not as stated before going to be ready by Easter but will probably be completed by August. The mayor of the village Limone explains that the actual beginning of its construction will be in March since important works regarding the future cyclers’ protection from stone chipping are still ongoing.

Where to realize the next connecting paths is another issue adressed these days. A total of 10 million Euros is provided by the Odi Fund. Part of this money will go into the extension of the route in Gargnano, which currently ends on the Gardesana until it hits the road leading up to Tignale. Another part of the fund will be invested in the route from Limone to Campione.

The Brescia region has so far put more effort into the cycling trail works along the lakeshore in comparison to the Veneto and Trentino area but progress has been made almost everywhere.

Not everywhere bikers are welcome

Still prohibited instead are mountainbikers on the entire tableland of the over 11.000 hectare big national parc, the Parco Tre Cime, in the province of Bolzano. The narrow paths are likely to cause accidents with hikers and bikes destroy the trails financed at public expense.


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