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The 140 km long cycling trail around Lake Garda – no dream but reality, bit by bit

13 December 2017

There are still some obstacles in the way and some partial routes missing, but the responsible authorities and construction companies of all the different municipalities around Lake Garda, are giving their best to make the dream of the 140 km long cycling trail come true as soon as possible.

It will become one of the longest and most stunning cycling trails of Europe. Next to the already existing cycling paths VenTo, the cycling route connecting Venice with Torino, and the Ciclovia del Sole, the Sun route, on the north-south-axis, the new cycling trail around Lake Garda should become an unforgettable experience for bike lovers and hikers.

The latest news on the project

The construction of at least one very important partial route will soon come to an end:

The new cycling path and walkway in Lazise will be ready by next summer

The new cycling route on the eastern coast of Lake Garda, which by the same time is a walkway promenade, will be ready before the next tourist season. The route, from Lido Ronchi to Pacengo, is about 1000 metres long and will be completely renovated. Cyclists and walkers can expect a path of a width of 3 metres all the way long. Instead of the old, partially gravel covered walkway, the new, water-absorbent concrete material offers lots more solidity. Also the street and bottom illumination will be redone and by the same time consume less energy. New green areas will be planted alongside the modernized walkway to embellish the landscape nearby. Also part of the planning is a contract with the company, Azienda Gardesana Servizi, which will take care about all maintenance works regarding the new cycling path as well as the whole surrounding areas.

Malcesine works on the project of a very complex partial route to bring about an early completion

Malcesine has plenty to do. The most difficult and complicated part of the cycling trail under the municipality of Malcesine is called part number 6. It is the cycling route between Malcesine and Torbole sul Garda. Particular difficulties are the tunnels alongside the gardesan lakeside road. Or more precisely the route from Località Baitone, north of Navene, until the border to Trento – with a length of almost two kilometres. The completion of this most difficult part of the cycling path in Malcesine is announced by March 2020. The final project will be presented by February and should be able to take off after 90 elapsed days. In other words: If everythings goes well and the project is authorized, works will start after five months, meaning next October. Similiar to what had happened on the Brescia coastline, the project seeks to partially have bikers bypass the tunnels by building a cycle trail anlongside the overhanging cliffs. And this has to still be authorized. The good news: two partial routes have already been renovated including new street lighting and a new floor covering: The cycling paths from the border of Brenzone to Cassone and from Cassone to the Val di Sogno.

The region of Lombardy realizes their partials routes earlier than the region of Trentino Alto Adige

The cycling path on the Brescia side of Lake Garda between Limone and the border to Trentino Alto Adige will already be completed in four months, by March 2018 – whereas the region of Trentino will prospectively complete their works with a delay of 2 to 3 years in comparison to Brescia. But everybody who will have cycled the gorgeous route closeby Limone probably will share the same dream and will want to continue cycling to arrive at Riva: here is where the problem on the western shore will arise when works are not completed – a narrow road and tunnels. Now that there is less traffic, the last construction works regarding the north of Limone (on Brescia side) are about to be finalized with a completion expected by March. Whereas in the region of Trentino, these days experts are inspecting the construction site, to plan out and realize the most important fundamental elements. One thing becomes apparent: At Capo Reamol the two municipalities meat each other. But the way things look at the moment, there won’t be any completion of the construction works until 2021 on the Trentino Alto Adige side.

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