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What can we do with all that garbage?

04 August 2017

The collection of residual waste, paper, glass, organic waste and plastic right from your front door works in Italy according to a defined schedule. Usually such timetables are published on the website of the individual communities. Property owners or leaseholders also get a calender from the responsible municipality when registrating their residence, sometimes even a brochure explaining how to legally get rid of household waste. Buyers or tenants of a property after all have to pay the Italian waste collection charge (Tari – tax of waste collection). In regard, the municipality provides containers for each type of waste.

But what happens when a person is using a holiday appartment mainly during the weekends, that person is leaving on a Sunday, but the residual waste is collected only on a Thursday evening? Or what when somebody has to move house and accumulates more than the usual residual waste, or when somebody cuts the hedge in the backyard and the car is full of green branches? In these cases it is particularly important to know how the “Isola ecologica” works – the recycling centre, which almost every municipality has. Only people, who’s property is in the responsible municipality have the right of access – and sometimes but not always get a card to enter. During the opening hours it is permitted to bring all sorts of garbage to these recycling centres: secco (residual waste), rifiuti organici (organic waste), carta (paper), plastica (plastic), vetro (glass), metalli (metal), verde (green waste, plant residues), legno (wood) and even expired medication and old furniture or household appliances.

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