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Your lake Garda property market
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Welcome to a new entry on lake Garda

27 April 2017

The prestigious estate agency Immosmart from Munich now actively services also Lake Garda. We met up with Mr. Fritz Stelzer, the managing director, to talk about his plans regarding Lake Garda:

GardaLiving: Mr. Stelzer, you are accompanying the selling process of an exclusive and amazing real estate project on Lake Garda. Why did you choose Tremosine?
Fritz Stelzer: The lake view in Tremosine is unique, it is sublime that lofty feeling up there, more beautiful or let’s say different than any other stunning view closeby the water can be.

Tremosine is the perfect place for people who like to engage in sporting activities – alpine sports, cycling or water sports – it offers multiple possibilities for active people.

The location at about 400–600 meters above sea level creates an ideal symbiosis between lake and mountain life; you can reach the lake within a short amount of time but simultaneously enjoy the peace and tranquility far away from the hustle and bustle of tourism. One must say that Tremosine’s tourism is not exactly trendy or posh – it is rather basic and so are its culinary establishments. You won’t find highly elegant restaurants, but high quality places with a good price-performance relationship – and small characteristic bars, which are visited by locals, not only tourists.

On what do you place particular emphasis when selling new construction properties?
I place great importance on standards, that buyers coming from the German-speaking regions are used to! For me that means energy-efficient construction, good insulation and modern techniques. This starts with the use of floor heatings, home automation and it ends with building insulations, double or triple glazed windows – just to name a few things. Fundamentally things that prospective buyers would also look for in their home countries. This includes keeping costs for heating and energy low. I attach value to these topics also when I deal with future real estate objects, that are in planning stage.

What do you recommend people looking for properties in the Lake Garda region?
It is important to find a trustworthy real estate agent. I therefore would start comparing real estate brokers before concentrating on real estate properties only. One has to find a trustworthy contact person, who speaks both German and Italian, who understands both mentalities, who knows the national legislation specifics and if possible owns a property in the region. E.G: Only 18 % of estate agents in Germany own a property themselves. It is important to find an authentic real estate agent, who lives in the Lake Garda area, understands the philosophy of the country, is aware of cultural peculiarities, loves the country and its people and is able to fully identify with it all. This incorporates learning the language.

What made you as a busy real estate agent from Munich finally take the plunge to come to Lake Garda?
I really like beeing here – I am fascinated by Italy and especially the Lake Garda area, the mentality of the people. It’s almost like a passion. I furthermore have the liberty to be able to be in Italy, because my rather small and exclusive agency in Munich is by now very successfully administrated by my business partner. Nonwithstanding the above, I enjoy working with just a few people who perform their job with passion, which is from my point of view the only way to offer clients a special service and to be outstandingly successful. We are among the top 1000 real estate agencies in Germany and one of the top 10 in Munich. It’s not about size, it’s about quality, the close contact to our clients, and the special range of services. We assist our clients covering all topics associated with the property, starting with the selling, the leasing, the assistance when purchasing, the financing – up until consulting and appraisals of real estate portfolios. We are not a typical estate agency, we are more of “all round caretakers”.

What do you personally love about Lake Garda and Italian people?
This constant feeling of vacation, even when you work. My Italian architect and property developer always says: “Federico, with you comes 300 % energy.” Sometimes this can be a bit difficult for Italians, but I believe in that special mix of a clear structured appearance, a clear goal persuit combined with that Italian spirit. You are able to slow down and let go. One has to get used to the fact that 4 pm oftentimes becomes 4.15 or even 4.30. There is no sense in getting angry about these things, because they are part of that very special atmosphere.

Mr. Stelzer, thanks a lot for an interesting and lovely afternoon!

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