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Landslide in Malcesine creates problems for traffic on coastal road Gardesana

28 January 2013

On Friday 25.01.2013 an enormous landslide came down in Località Navene, north of Malcesine, and hit the coastal road Gardesana. The rock of some 50 to 70 cubic meters made from debris, stone and rubbles came loose from the rock face between 9.30 and 10 o’clock and, only by a hair’s breadth, missed a house which, together with three other buildings, is located at the place where the landslide came down. The coastal road Gardesana was completely closed to traffic until the early evening; for the time being just one lane is open to traffic.

The cause of the landslide has still to be completely established. At one of the neighbouring houses works to build an extension are currently taking place. A missing supporting wall could have caused the landslide. Even though geologists exclude further landslides, for the time being a stop has been put to any building works and residents have been evacuated. As a temporary support of the rock face mobile barriers made from cement have been put up to prevent likely further landslides, which could cause danger to the traffic. Building works to reconstruct and secure the rock face should start as soon as possible to make sure they will certainly be finished by Easter in order to avoid unnecessary obstructions to traffic during the holiday season.
(Source: l’ from 26.01.2013)

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