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Your lake Garda property market
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New sewage treatment plant for the south bank of Lake Garda

07 September 2017

The project for a new clarification plant for the south-western bank of lake Garda has been discussed since more than a year. Temporary possible construction stops have even been negotiated. Now the moment has arrived – the new sewage treatment plant for the south-western shore will be financed. 100 million euro have been provided to finally also improve and protect the water quality on lake Garda.

The rising population growth as well as the high frequency of tourists, made the request an urgent necessity, especially since the clarification plant on the South bank of Lake Garda has exhausted its capacities.

The ring-type collecting system of Lake Garda is diveded into the Veronese and the Brescian part and passes through three privinces under water. The current operation plan provides a completely new and modernised sewage treatment plant for the Brescian bank of Lake Garda, in order to become indepent from the one in Peschiera, which will also be improved.

By the end of the year the building plan should be developed and finalised. It seems like 60 % of the financing will deliver benefits to the Lombardy part of Lake Garda, the rest remains for the Veneto. Regional financial assistance has been furthermore assured.

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