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Lake Garda in the summer of 2017: part 2

29 September 2017

Even on Lake Garda autumn has arrived. The leaves change colour and the long summerdays turn into glamorous memories. It is time for a new chapter. And it is time to look back: What did all happen this summer on Lake Garda? It has certainly been lively and colourful, also in each of the individual municipalities. In lots of different ways. From North to South every community, close to our beautiful lake, has written their own little story. Some of them we would like to briefly portay in our special three-part Summerflash.

Construction projects in the planning stage or already completed

Also this year construction plans have been diligently completed, others were discussed. Which construction projects have started, are still in der planning phase or have been already completed in the summer of 2017?

The Piazza Risorgimento in Calmasino has been newly designed and planned out

The lively and pituresque centre of Calmasino, which is a district of famous Bardolino, is supposed to be completely redesigned. A project, which has already been presented to the inhabitants of the locality and should be started to put in action after the next summerseason, in the winter of 2018. The Piazza Risorgimento shell in two steps be connected to the Belvedere areal, to create more space for people to walk on foot and simply “live” the locality’s centre. The highlight is and remains the stunning lakeview, which in the future is going to be underlined by slightly downfalling and very wide staircases. The improvement of the sidewalks, the public illumination, as well as the electricity grid are next to the preservation of many parking lots also part of the project. Since a few years already, Calmasino offers the first “green school”, that has ever been built in Italy. A sports hall attached to the school has been recently built.

Gargnano finaly has its own waste collection point

Over the last 7 years the inhabitants of Gargnano had to be patient and bring their waste to a waste collection point in a near locality called Toscolano, or they had to serve the timetables of the door to door waste collection pickup. Now they finally have their own collection point. The entrance of the new “centro raccolta” is situated directly on the Gardesana-lakeside road. In the summer the collection point is open Monday through Friday from 2 pm til 5pm, on Saturdays from 2 pm til 7 pm. During the winter period, from September to May, the waste collection point is open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 2 pm til 5 pm. The door to door waste collection pick up will also be extended and will furthermore serve hillside localities to arrive at a point where there have to be less and less garbage containers distributed in the landscape.

Riva del Garda
Seismic safety for two schools: the Damiano Chiesa school and the Scipio Sighele school

Punctually with the beginning of the schoolyear pupils and teachers of the two school buildings Damiano Chiesa and Scipio Sighele can enjoy the fact that in their existing schoolbuildings and in their sports hall important works regarding seismic safety have been completed. The city council thanks all architects, property developers and firms that have contributed and worked throughout the holidays in order to complete the works done to make the building earthquake-proof before the first day of school. Also the good weather condition helped the project. The outside aspect of the building is almost the same. But on the inside there now are all important safety measures taken to deal with the serious case of an earthquake and to be able to live the every day school life in a more relaxed manner.

Toscolano Maderno
Toscalono Maderno will have a new library, which is going to be a real cultural get-together

The public library of Toscolano Maderno, situated in a historical villa, will be completely restored on its in- and outside and is supposed to become a real meeting point for cultural life. The restoration works should be completed within 180 days. The building is located centrally and not far from the elementary school. It consists of a modern part and a more historical part. The library itself is located on the ground floor. There will be a new entrance for it. The villa as a whole will profit from a better warmth insulation – it will furthermore have new locks and better power supplies. In the older part of the building the historic flooring will be redone. In the more recent part of the building some walls are going to be torn down in order to get lighter and bigger rooms. Also the restrooms will be completely refurbished, the outer walls will be painted and the green areas newly arranged.

The middle school of Toscolano Maderno will be extended and modernized according to current standards

There are about 280 pupils in the middle school of Toscolano Maderno. Now the building will be restored. The ongoing works should be completed within 6 months. The project includes the transformation of the sports hall into a big room that is able to be utilized in many ways. The auditorium will be restored and there will generally be more safety exits. Also part of the project are restoration works on the flooring and walls. Very important: Especially in the older rooms structural fire prevention according to recent standards will be given. The older technical devices will therefore also be restored.

A new waterfountain for Toscolano Maderno

Especially during the hot summer months the supply of water can become a problem. Gardauno now invested in another new water fountain. It will soon be activated. First tests showed that the water fountain is able to produce about 50 litres of water per second. A positive outcome when thinking of the fact that Toscolano needs about 120 litres per second during the summer period. The next step leading to the activation of the water fountain is now going to be to get the authorization of the province of Brescia. Also the respective “zones of respect for the protection of the fountain” have to be stablized in order prohibit any damage that could be caused to the groundwater.

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