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Lake Garda in the summer of 2017: part 3

05 October 2017

Even on Lake Garda autumn has arrived. The leaves change colour and the long summerdays turn into glamorous memories. It is time for a new chapter. And it is time to look back: What did all happen this summer on Lake Garda? It has certainly been lively and colourful, also in each of the individual municipalities. In lots of different ways. From North to South every community, close to our beautiful lake, has written their own little story. Some of them we would like to briefly portay in our special three-part Summerflash:

Nice and practical news for holiday home owners and residents

What has caused families and dog owners some lovely hours during this beautiful summer and could be a good incentive to come back:

Riva del Garda
Doglovers, attention!

In Riva del Garda there are already two dog parcs – the one in Parco Lido and the one in Porto San Nicolò. Now there is a third one in the newly opened up “Parco della pace”, which consists of 800 square metres. The dog area, which is a good 350 squaremetres, is fenced by a one and a half metres high and about 325 metres long fence. All dogs can use another newly built water fountain. During the summer months (from mid March to mid October) the parc is open to the public from von 8 am til 10 pm, during the winter from 8 am til 8 pm, and is shut by an automated gate. Another project for the near future is to change the complete lighting of the “Parco della Pace“and replace it with environmentally-friendly LED-lights.

New parking – free of charge

The elegant locality situated on the west coast of Lake Garda set a good example and created a parking space for more than hundred cars – all free of charge. It belongs to the “Ex Enel” building and is located in Via Belvedere, only two steps away from the city centre. The parking lot is accessable day and night and especially highly saught during the weekend.

Reading is great and brings generations, even entire worlds together!

The first “Little Free Library” has been created in 2009 in the United States of America. Since then this model expanded overseas and spread out in European countries. Now another one of these little free libraries is located in Salò, where the city has put up several small wooden huts filled with all sorts of books. The idea behind the initiative is: Take a book but leave another one! The aim of the project is to get people to read, to meet each other, to learn about different cultures and cultural treasures, because anybody coming from any place in the world can take a bring a book. The social and intercultural aspect of such libraries is therefore very important. In Salò those wooden huts were put in the following locations: Parco Ebranati in Via Pietro di Salò, in the public garden in Via Anime del Purgatorio and in the public parc of the locality Villa di Salò in Via Filippini. The municipality also wants to remind the ongoing project – the “Carriola del Bookcrossing” in the library of Salò. (free exchange of used books in a wheelbarrow).

A new dog parc for Sirmione

Sirmione followed the request of its inhabitants and is developing a big dog parc in Via Corti Romane, located between the Garda Village (lakeside) and the Residence Holiday. Big dog breeds have the possibilitiy to run around in an area of about 2.900 squaremetres. Smaller dog breeds have about 1.250 squaremetres to play. There will be two entrance doors and a fence about 2 metres high. There will be a modern ergonomic waterfountain with two faucets on a paved surface to refresh our four-legged friends. Important for the dog owners: There will also be plastic bags for the dogs excrements to be placed in practical waste disposals created for a clean ambience.

The new museum, named “Must” invites for a stroll

A must for all history fans is the new museum in Tremosine. The exhibition space consists of more than 600 squaremetres – 7 halls exhibit interesting facts about the history of the area and lots more. The so called “Villa Paradiso”, a restructured art noveau building, has been equipped with modern advices – video installations, touchscreens and audioguides. Renowned curators of the territory have also created a pedagogical workshop area, rooms for meetings and congresses. More informations:

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