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Newsflash: Lake Garda in December 2017

31 December 2017

December… A much loved month. Glamorous, Christmassy and also on Lake Garda wintery. But the sun luckily still remained an almost constant companion. The deciduous forest is still colourful in some places, the grapevines lost their leaves since a while, and the lake portays this almost melancholic scenery, with mists and fogs here and there like in an impressionist painting. Picturesque were also the festively decorated alleyways of the municipalities, surrounding Lake Garda. With this we’d like to give you a brief summary of what had happened in different locations during the last month of the year, apart from the wonderful Christmas events everywhere. And last but not least wish you a happy 2018!

Our topics

  • Arco: The beautiful old building of the former casino will be renovated
  • Desenzano: New tarifs for 2018
  • Limone: The small town holds first place in Italy in terms of “turist pressure”

  • Lonato del Garda: The municipality causes a stir with a modern glass cube
  • Sirmione: The municipality gets a new look

Arco: The beautiful old building of the former casino will be renovated

The casino of Arco is beeing renovated and will soon be a public building again, ready to be used in different ways by the residents of the municipality. Works on the porch and the gazebo, known as Padiglione della musica, are already completed. An important issue of the reconstruction works is to keep up the architectonical characteristics as well as the historical components whilst trying to make the building as functional as possible. So far it is certain, that a music school will be moving into the building.

The Malga San Giovanni on the other hand, situated in the locality San Giovanni al Monte, is looking for a new operator. The restaurant, which also offers some rooms and a bar service, provides housing for the new leaseholder and can be rented out as a business for 6 years. Until December 27, 12 noon, it is possible to make an offer for the auction, which will be held on December 29th. The best offer wins.

Desenzano: New tarifs for 2018

What are the novelties for the waste collection charges, the city tax and the parking fees for 2018 in Desenzano? The collection charges (Tari) will become 5 % more expensive, the applied city tax (imposta di soggiorno) will be extended also for the month of March (only non permanent residents are charged) and parking will be free on holidays after 6 pm.

Parking alongside the lake costs 2 euros, also during the winter months. But around Christmas (from 8. December until 06. January) parking lots will be free after 6pm. The first hour of all public parking spaces will be year-round free for persons with a permanent residence. This means, in order to print out a parking ticket, one has to put 10 cents into the parking machine, which then will be pulled off the second hour of parking. Inhabitants with a permanent residence can furthermore enjoy the fact that every following hour of parking will be 50 % cheaper for them.

Limone: The small town holds first place in Italy in terms of “turist pressure”

According to a recent Istat-projection for 2016, the small town of Limone sul Garda is the only municipality of Italy, which registers more than a million tourists for thousand inhabitants. Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Rimini are the most visited places in Italy, but in relation to its inhabitants (counted per a thousand) the tiny village by Lake Garda makes the races.

Lonato del Garda: The municipality causes a stir with a modern glass cube

The project, which the municipality of Lonato is about to authorize, forsees the construction of a glass cube in the middle of the old fortress of Lonato del Garda. The building is supposed to function as a 500 square metre big and three metres high congress centre, with the capacity to fit in 400 people. The controversal project should arise where there already is a big tent since eleven years, used for festivities like big dinner parties. 300 inhabitants signed a petition against the future congress centre – they don’t agree with a highly modern building built into an old monument as they consider it a break in style.

But the municipality of Lonato del Garda is becoming more modern in any case: Since December 11, every resident is welcome to come to the registration office to get a new and electronical identity card. The plastified card looks like a credit card and has amongst other things a safety strip and a microchip.

Sirmione: The municipality gets a new look

By the end of November renovation works in the offices of the municipality of Sirmione have begun. All rooms should become more functional, also to make it more comfortable for residents when they come to the offices. Bigger works will be done in the department of tourism and culture, also the technical office will be completely renovated and gets two more (conference)rooms. The restyled front-office will from now on be easily accessable for people with disabilities. The furnishing and lighting of the whole building will furthermore be completely modernized.

(Source:, l’arena)


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