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Newsflash: Lake Garda in November 2017

30 November 2017

Also on Lake Garda the year is coming to an end. When we think about November we often think about the colour grey. But November has many faces, especially on Lake Garda with its mild climate. You can enjoy a lot of different settings – from late-summer-temperature-walks to the first moments of winter feelings, for example while tasting some of the delicious hot chestnuts in San Zeno di Montagna. And now, as longs summer days turn into shiny christmas decorations and cosy tea afternoons, we get ready for that very special time of the year.

With this we would like to give you a brief summary of the month November on beautiful Lake Garda and therefore take a look at the individual municipalities.

Our topics

  • Sirmione: No cars allowed in the city centre of Sirmione
  • Gardone Riviera: Restauration works and weddings in the Vittoriale park
  • Toscolano Maderno: Repair works at the lakeside promenade of Toscolano Maderno
  • Bardolino: The hypermodern sports hall of the elementary school in Calmasino has been completed
  • Garda: Flying and swimming drones to help keep Lake Garda clean
  • Gargnano: New tunnel between Gargnano and Tignale
  • Polpenazze del Garda: The construction of a new highway for heavy goods vehicles as been scheduled


No cars allowed in the city centre of Sirmione

The mayor of the picturesque town is putting forward a project, which he would like to see concluded within the next three years: no cars allowed in the city centre of Sirmione. A 23 days long trial run has brought very good feedback.

Hotel owners, hotel guests, restaurant owners and citizens have been more than peleased with the temporary pedestrian zone, which is positive, since for the summer season 2018 there will be only few cars alllowed in the medieval fort.

Harmony instead of criticism because of a well planned out service

A lot of positive feedback earned the “Servizio accoglienza”, a specially arranged welcome service for hotel guests. Since there are not enough parking spaces in the city centre of Sirmione, the traffic caused by hotel guests, which had to unload their luggage prior to then park in a free parking lot outside of the fort, became a problem. The check-in service in Piazzale Europa solved this problem, by offering a free car park with an attendent in Piazzale Monte Baldo and also by offering an electric collection service for guests and their baggage on their way to the hotel and away from the hotel, if wanted.

During the trial period a good 70 cars less per day were counted. A good starting point to continue to plan out a definitive project for the year to come. Postive for inhabitants and the environment.


Restauration works and weddings in the Vittoriale park

Restauration works on the entrance of the Vittoriale

As steeped in history as the well known property and museum of famous Gabriele D’Annunzio is, as much signs of smog are becoming visible over time – especially on the marble facades. The manorial residence will now be restored. All works including the access road should be completed for the centenary anniversary in 2021. The restaurations works will allow the famous veronese types of marble to again shine in their natural nuances. From the classic red of the typical veronese marble to the well known rosé colour of the Caprino marble. The only downside, which could arise through such maintance works, could be critical for residents: Traffic delays cannot be excluded.

The most visited museum in Europe also makes headlines with another fact

A Pakistani filmteam will shoot some scenes in the Vittoriale for a remake of the British comedy Four weddings and a funeral. The museum holds the doors open also for everybody who wants to be protagonist in the Vittoriale on their most important day of their lives. From now on it will be possible to get married in the Vittoriale. Already booked is a famous VIP couple, who will shortly give each other the wedding vows. Their names are top secret. But the costs for everybody wanting to get married in the Vittoriale are not a secret. The daily possibilties for a wedding are from 10 am til 12 noon and from 3 pm til 6 pm. The arising costs are between 1500 and 2000 euros, some costs for the municipality will be added. It is furthermore possible to book special tours through the museum and rent out some of the saloons for special occasions like banquets.

Repair works at the lovely lakeside promenade of Toscolano Maderno

The imminent repair works at the street covering of Lungolago Zanardelli in Toscolano Maderno don’t only give residents, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers a good reason to be pleased, they also give trees the possibilty to keep growing alongside the walk. Most damages on the lakefront have been caused by exactly those trees, or better their rootes kept putting cracks in the street flooring. But the municipality puts a great effort into saving the trees by investing almost 1 million euros for a special procedure to put the street into better conditions. A special cover will be layed between the roots of the trees and the street covering. The repair works are expected to start in January 2018, with a break during the tourist season and then will continue in the autumn of 2018.

The hypermodern sports hall of the elementary school in Calmasino has been completed

Sport is health and the first green school of Italy in Calmasino, a location of Bardolino, is a model project for future schools. Now the adjacent sports hall has been built and is ready to be used, not only by the students of the school, but also by all people of the municipality for sportive projects. To be fully completed the only missing part for the project is a polyfunctional hall and the already projected cantine. But at this very moment the joy of the new sports hall is in the centre of attention. The light-flooded sports hall consists of 420 square metres and amongst other facilities of a climbing wall of 70 squaremetres.

Flying and swimming drones to help keep Lake Garda clean

Robot technology does help cope with environmental issues and is fascinating the new generations. 170 students recently had the possibility to watch flying and swimming drones in Garda during their mission to keep Lake Garda clean. In this occasion the European project “IntCatch”, already going on since a year a a half, has been explained to the students, who were happy to see the drones “at work”. For sure interesting have been the swimming drones, which look like mini boats and are used to measure the Ph-value of the water, the temperature, the electric conductivity, the oxygen concentration and the presence of microorganisms. If certain values are out of balance, these small robots automatically collect water samples, which are can then be analysed.

Drivers beware! There will be a new tunnel between Gargnano and Tignale

The new tunnel, which will be situated in the north of Gargnano, will be about 1.800 meters long. The project has already been put forward and is supposed to be completed by 2019. The new tunnel is going to replace the three tunnels – “D’Agli”, “Eutemia” and “Ciclopi” with a length of about 1.650 metres – as they are often causing traffic disruptions along the Gardesana lakeside road, mostly because of their low height and narrow width. During the construction works these risks of congestion are likely to persist – but this time around for a good reason!


The construction of a new highway for heavy goods vehicles between Calvagese della Riviera and Polpenazze del Garda has been scheduled

The new connection road section is supposed to be a big relief for residents. The two adjacent municipalities Calvagese della Riviera and Polpenazze, in the immediate hinterland of the south western part of Lake Garda, already suffer from heavy traffic since a long time. Because of the strong presence of a local industrial and handcraft industry business, a lot of heavy goods vehicles pass through the area. Now a solution to the problem is in sight. The province of Brescia has promised support. There is hope for an early adoption of the construction project, which would have most heavy goods vehicles take the new alternative highway without passing to close too the residents. Especially the location Carzago should benefit from the project. The new highway should also bring a better connection to the industrial areas with the motorway acces and exit of Brescia and Desenzano del Garda. The highway should be constructed on the east side of the busy centre of the S.P. (strada provinciale) 78 “Calvagese-Mocasina-Lonato”. It therefore would be an alternative road section to the trade zones of Bottenago, in the municipality of Polpenazze del Garda, and to Carzago in the municipality of Calvagese della Riviera. Connections to side streets and main roads are supposed to create a completely new street system, which connects the two territories and also creates a new access to the commercial locations. We will continue to inform you about the progress of the project and possibly arising road closures.
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