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Newsflash: Lake Garda in October 2018

31 October 2018

This October shows Lake Garda at its very best – autumn in all its golden glory. Clear skies, colorful leaves and traditional festivities in many places. It is thus more than understandable that many holiday home owners choose to visit the lake in this beautiful time of year. Some of them might also want to check on their second home, maybe find a caretaker to look after the property during the winter months, when there are commonly less rent-outs and owners of a holiday home choose to come less frequently than the rest of the months.

Since the utility costs of a holiday home like water, electricity and gas run year-round, it is advisable to have a contact person on-site – somebody who takes care that all bills get paid on time and checks on the property every now and then. It is also good to have somebody around for necessary repair works. On our website, you can find service providers for property management, craftsmen, caretakers in charge of the garden or pool areas, legal and technical advice and lots more.

But this magical time of year also attracts people interested in buying a holiday home at Lake Garda, now having the possibility to go and inspect different houses and flats while still being able to enjoy the great weather conditions. Property visits are crucial for the decision-making-process. If you already have a certain property on mind, that you are interested in, you should try and fix the viewing of this property with the assistance of a local, knowing the Italian language but also yours – even better an expert, who is well informed about the current building laws, who knows if the house is free of burdens, who can find out if it would be possible to modify the building in theory and who can get an insight in all legal documents. In our section Real estate agents & service providers, you can find a list of trustworthy people, interpreters and experts, dealing with/having to do with house purchases and house construction.

Everybody looking ahead to purchase a house in order to gain (good) income by renting it out, should be very well informed about tax laws, income tax, land transfer tax as well as similar topics and work with an interpreter. More information on these issues can be found in our section Buying, Renting and Holiday home rental.

To avoid bad surprises, it is very important to get reliable information regarding the purchase of a holiday home abroad and to know locals you trust. Once you have this necessary help, you can be more than certain to be able to fully enjoy your holiday home on Lake Garda – also in beautiful autumn.

Our topics

  • Garda: 140 new parking lots – part of them in the manorial park of Villa degli Albertini
  • Moniga del Garda: The 6 km long walkway along the lake to Manerba del Garda will be redeveloped
  • Peschiera del Garda: Environment protection from the cradle
  • Salò: Renovation works on the graveyard
  • Sirmione: No cars and bicycles for twelve months a year
  • Torri del Benaco: Excellent water quality on Lake Garda

Garda: 140 new parking lots – part of them in the manorial park of Villa degli Albertini

Garda will soon gain another 140 possibilities to park. And everybody curious to finally see bits of the gorgeous park of Villa degli Albertini has now the possibility, as part of the garden will be opened for the public. The other part of the new parking lots will be situated alongside the walls of the magnificent old building. Not only parking lots will be created inside the park areas. Also new plants will be planted, a greenhouse with lovely lemon trees will be built, toilette facilities will be available and there will be an area with fruit trees. The flooring will consist of eco-friendly materials, the lighting will suit the manorial atmosphere and the photovoltaic system will be well hidden to not destroy the lordly surrounding.

Moniga del Garda: The 6 km long walkway along the lake to Manerba del Garda will be redeveloped

During the next couple of years, the lake promenade between Manerba del Garda and Moniga del Garda will be completely redeveloped. The beginning of construction works is programmed for 2019 with a prospected conclusion of all works in 2021. The six kilometer-long-walk alongside the lake will then be even more pleasant. Restoration works at the lake promenade of Padenghe are also programmed within the next two years to complete the already fixed parts of the walkway.

Peschiera del Garda: Environment protection from the cradle

In order to teach the youngest amongst us, how important it is to protect our environment, several schools of Peschiera del Garda now took part in a “clean the city”-project. Armed with gloves, bags, brooms and small shovels, the students took off to tidy up the streets of the city center as well as the promenade alongside the river Mincio. After this experience and back in their respective school buildings, the pupils got to talk about a correct way of waste sorting.

Salò: Renovation works on the graveyard

During the winter months, important static renovation works will take place at the historical site of the cemetery of Salò.

Sirmione: No cars and bicycles in the city center for 12 months a year

One the one hand there are people discussing how helicopters could be helping the traffic chaos in Lake Garda by being the new buses, on the other hand there is Sirmione launching a more realistic solution. The experiment, as we have already reported several times, banned bicycles and cars from the city center – and this for almost the whole summer. 32 enterprises all to do with the hotel and restaurant business where part of the project and transported their guests with golf carts, two provided electric cars and a hybrid car to and away from the hotel, restaurant or B&B. In the period between August 1st and September 30th 8.414 people and 9.202 pieces of luggage have been transported this way. This positive result now leads to the fact, that the experiment will be extended and realized for the rest for the entire year.

Torri del Benaco: Excellent water quality on Lake Garda

Recent water samples proved that the water quality in many localities of Lake Garda is again excellent. The regional representative of the environment reported that Torri del Benaco scored very well, and the water samples taken in Malcesine and Bardolino now proof better water quality than Brenzone, a locality situated more up north. Due to the wind and the fact that less people live on the Northern shores of Lake Garda, it is known that the water generally is clearer and better in comparison to localities like Peschiera del Garda, Lazise or Castelnuovo del Garda.

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