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Newsflash: Lake Garda in September 2018

30 September 2018

The tourist season takes a leave, pleasant late-summer temperatures pamper the region and one thing is as clear as a cold and sunny autumn morning: Lake Garda is more popular than ever. More than 24 million overnight stays are yearly registered at Lake Garda. Constantly growing are the numbers regarding accommodations in holiday homes.

What makes the purchase of real estate in this moment a very good thing to some people, makes some others criticize the “overload of tourists” these days. Especially environmentalists complain about traffic chaos on the roads, since a lot of holiday makers only come to the lake for a long weekend instead of an entire week or a longer vacation period. For those who can, a very good rule of thumb still is to avoid travelling to (or away from) the lake on Saturdays or generally during the weekends.

Now after the summer’s hustle and bustle, holiday property owners can finally enjoy Lake Garda’s calm side again – Mediterranean crystal-clear end of summer atmospheres. The smooth beginning of autumn invites hikers and bikers to fully be in their element or simply stroll around in some of the lovely little alleyways around the lake, take pictures and relax in the calm after the storm. Everybody not owning a holiday home (yet), has now a good excuse to look for a possible investment – for subletting purposes or just to benefit from it oneself.

After the season is before the season: During this time of year, a great deal of work needs to be done – various construction works, renovation- or maintenance- and repair works.

Our topics

  • Castion Veronese: Construction works for a better infrastructure of the village
  • Lake Garda in general: How much tourism is healthy?
  • Limone sul Garda: The new bike trail – a great success or too many visitors?
  • Sirmione: A hyper-modern primary school as an architectural top project
  • Torbole-Nago: The inauguration of the renovated sailing club

Castion Veronese: Construction works for a better infrastructure of the village

The picturesque town is situated in the hinterland of Garda, belongs to the municipality of Costermano del Garda, and has already started with some important construction works. The aim of these projects is to obtain less traffic in the center of the village, to better protect from flooding and to create more security for everybody walking to the primary school. 53 new parking lots will be created until the end of the year. Many local trees will be planted to provide shade and harmoniously blend into the townscape. A walkway and barrier-free pedestrian crossings from the main piazza to the primary school, are going to facilitate everybody walking to school. Also installed will be a better and more eco-friendly street lighting system, which automatically dims down the light intensity during off-peak hours. A new storm water drainage system is also part of the street works. The new storm drains of the hilly location are needed to direct the masses of water created by heavy rainfalls into the right ways.

Lake Garda in general: How much tourism is healthy?

Just like every year, a lot of German holiday makers visited Lake Garda. This year also Chinese and Russian guests have been seen a lot. Recent numbers registered a growth in tourism of almost 6 %, at least in Sirmione, a beautiful town situated on Southern Lake Garda. With its only about 8.000 inhabitants, the locality speaks of 1,36 million booked overnight-stays this year. 3, 5 million overnight-stays per year have been counted in Lazise, a lovely locality with not even 7.000 inhabitants. More and more hotels instead of nature, artificial sandy beaches instead of natural reed belts and an increasingly bad water quality have been mentioned a lot during this summer. And important questions have been raised: How can Lake Garda’s tourism, being a very good thing, continue but be more sustainable in the long run? What needs to be done to improve the sewage system? How can there be less cars, but more and better train- and bus connections? Is it enough to prohibit motorboats on the north side of the lake, whereas there being almost too many of them on the southern part of the lake? And most importantly: How can Lake Garda’s treasure be shared with the world and at the same time be protected? Lots of questions, which need be answered soon – by politicians and those responsible for the economy and business!

Limone sul Garda: The new bike trail – a great success or too many visitors?

The new bike trail registered more than 100.000 visitors in less than two months – a success, which has become an important landmark for the small locality, Limone, counting only 1.172 residents. Since its inauguration on July 17th, 2018 the new bike trail, which is partly floating over the lake, attracted both – hikers and bikers. It also helps extending the tourist season as most hotels are fully booked over the weekends – up until mid-November. The new bike trail seems to confirm the fact that a good idea can increase turnovers in the hotel business by 20 % within one season only.

But critic is coming from people who see the project as being built for tourists only and not for the improvement of mobility in the area. One thing is certain: Extreme caution is essential when cycling between Riva del Garda and Limone. Until the other partial-routes of the cycling trail in Trento aren’t accessible and ready to use, cyclist ride their bikes in narrow roads being highly trafficked to get to the new bike trail – or away from it. Currently very dangerous is cycling in the tunnels. A fact that led the police commander of the Alto Garda and Ledro region even stand up for trying to ban cyclists in the tunnels. The proposal has not been implemented. But important remains: For a safe ride, cyclers should be well equipped with a warning jacket and red lights on the back of their bikes to be easily visible for everybody driving a car.

Sirmione: A hyper-modern primary school as an architectural top project

The project for the new primary school of Sirmione is impressive and smart. The building has a botanical garden on its roof and has been classified with energy class A4 leading to energy savings of 25 %. By the end of 2019, pupils should already have the possibility to attend their classes in the new building, next to the already existing school building. The new part of the institute will consist of a 100kw photovoltaic power plant system, 22 highly modern auditorium halls, a free WiFi- zone in the entire school, an adjustable light system using LED lights, interactive whiteboards, multi-media multi-purpose spaces and lots more.

Torbole-Nago: The inauguration of the renovated sailing club

The main idea behind the sailing club is promoting sports, innovation and a promise: being prepared for sports tourism at its best. Renovation works have (among other things) created a new boat ramp, the jetty was switched to a different place – and the gorgeous lake view terrace of the two-story building has been modernized. Sailors from all over the world should be able to find everything they need to enjoy a beautiful sailing holiday on the Trento lake shore.

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