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Drinking water is precious – also on Lake Garda

07 July 2017

Drinking water is precious, everywhere. During the hot summer months with low rainfall, it even gets more precious – on Lake Garda, as in the rest of Italy. It is easy to notice a lower water pressure when opening the water tap, especially during the critical hours (from 7–10 am; from 12–2 pm; from 6.30 pm-22 pm)

In residential areas built on a hill, like e.g. parts of Torri del Benaco, located on the East side of the lake, a low waterlevel of the lake could even lead to a water stop, if the water pump connected to the lake is above sealevel and remains dry.

By the end of June, the water level on lake Garda, before a series of important rainfalls, has been 4 centimetres lower than after the rain. Such variations contain enormous amounts of water – 1 cm corresponds to 3 million 700.000 cubic metres of water.

What can we do to save water in every day life?

Needless to say, be aware of the problematics and not waste any water when washing-up, brushing teeth and so on. It is important to be responsible. Gardauno, operator of the water cycle of 31 locations between Garda, the hinterland and plains of Brescia (, announced important rules in regard, which were asked to be taken serious by the majors of the surrounding locations to counteract the waste of water: Not to water parc areas, and gardens during the day hours, not to fill up swimming pools or decorative fountains. And to make sure that inhabitants act responsible when dealing with precious drinking water. Restrictions of any kind help. Between 7.00 am and 11 pm it is important to concentrate on essentials like personal hygiene and sanitary necessities. Things like, not washing the car if it is not really necessary, do help as well.

Another valuable support, declares Gardauno, is reporting any defective water pipes as soon as possible, private and public ones. The 24 hours green number is: 800.299722.


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