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Your lake Garda property market
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Europe’s most beautiful cycling trail – here on Lake Garda!

04 October 2016

Good news for bike lovers: They say Europe’s most stunning and panoramic cycling trail is going to be the new cycling route in Limone sul Garda. Whoever knows the picturesque scenery around Limone won’t have doubts. ..

The project is supposed to be finished by Ester 2017. Works have started some days ago. Parts of this about two kilometer long cycling trail will be alongside the Gardesana, the main road; parts of it will lead through disused tunnels. The cycling route is going to cross the whole village of Limone and connect Capo Reamol with the border of the Trentino region. It will thus be the extension of the 4 km long bike trail, inaugurated in March 2013, which connects the Southern part of Limone with Capo Reamol.

Uniting the two provinces Brescia and Trentino Alto Adige, this project is furthermore an important milestone on the way to the big dream of the 140 km long cycling trail around Lake Garda. The new cycling path will for sure be an all year round attraction for bycicle travelers and bike lovers because of it’s breathtaking view, but it will also help the traffic situation on the local roads.

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