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Your lake Garda property market
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Scooter or Rickschaw? Two different ways of riding Lake Gardas Lakeshore

13 June 2017

It doesn’t always have to be your car. Especially not, when you already had a long journey in your car to arrive at Lake Garda. Isn’t it fun to bike along the Lakeshore with a rented mountain bike – to rent a scooter, a boat, an oldtimer or a sportscar to cruise around?

This is why rentals of any kind are highly appreciated around lake Garda!

In the fascinating village of Bardolino, located on the East shore of Lake Garda, the Vespa & Scooter rental Rentgarda ( tries to transmit a bit of that special Italian lifestyle feeling by renting out Italian style and vintage style scooters, vespas and motorbikes. Valerio, the trylingual owner from the province of Bolzano, works a lot with German and Dutch clients, and is especially proud of his ecofriendly models, which are capable of silently speeding up from 0 to 100 within three seconds and dispose of an autonomy of 200 km, enough to cruise around the lake.

All scooters can be rented at a daily or weekly basis or just for some hours. From June until September, rickschaw lovers, can enjoy a relaxing ride through Peschiera del Garda, situated on the South of Lake Garda. Being completely eco-friendly, those rickscha rides are organised by a non-profit organisation, which supports social projects and give tourists the opportunity to see the lovely historical centre of Peschiera del Garda with different eyes.
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