Your lake Garda property market
Your lake Garda property market
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You finally own a property on Lake Garda and now?

26 February 2018

Once your dream of a property on Lake Garda comes true, you’ll find yourself in front of a marvelous beginning. Oftentimes this goes hand in hand with the wish to undertake some renovation works or effect some changes of your newly bought property. Some of you might want to lay a new floor, build a pool, create a garden. There also could be the necessity to carry out installation works. Or you might just want to involve a property management, because you’d like to have somebody around taking care of your own four walls or garden when you are gone. (Nobody likes coming home to a cold house after a longer absence or find a wildly growing garden.)

Apart from putting your property into the hands of experienced craftsmen, it is furthermore very helpful to get a professional legal and tecnical advice for problems that may incur due to insufficient knowledge of the Italian language or unknown statutory regulations.

For all these reasons we have put together the section “service providers”, which can be of great importance when buying a property in a foreign country. From our personal experience we can confirm that helpful tips & tricks as well as checklists in the right moment can make a huge difference when wanting to create a marvelous beginning as trouble-free as possible.

We continously update and expand our service provider database. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to offer your service all to do with the house or if you as a property owner or a person soon owning a property on Lake Garda would like to get some specific advise.

In our service provider section you can find helful information on the following topics

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