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Your lake Garda property market
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Summer thunderstorms – also on Lake Garda no longer a rarity

11 August 2017

Lake Garda is famous for its wonderful wheather conditions, but especially during the summer months, the region has to deal with often occuring summmer thunderstorms. Halestones big as tennisballs can become reality as well as gail-force winds, which are able to destroy trees and can leave damage.

Wheather forecasts help. But what if you own a property on lake Garda but are not able to be on sight when an actual damage arises during a storm caused by e.g. water? Or what if you are on Lake Garda and you drive through a hailstorm with your car?

For hail-damaged vehicles there are insurances, also when your car has been hit by hail abroad. It is therefore recommended to look into the issue of insurance coverage before travelling, in order to keep possible necessary repair costs low.

If you own a property on Lake Garda, it is not only a good idea but also comforting to know that somebody reliable is in charge of knowing what to do if a problem occurs, somebody who has a key to your house if needed. Being unlucky it could happen that e.g. water enters in your property and spreads out all over the floor. In a case like this it is very important to react fast. The floors have to be dried immediately to prevent further damage.

Under the heading service providers helpful contacts like professional property management agencies are listed. Those agencies take care of your property even and particularly during your absence. Under the heading useful information, the section property insurances informs you about recommended insurances regarding your house and lots more.

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