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Costermano sul Garda in the centre of an innovative project

06 November 2017

Costermano sul Garda is in the centre of an innovative project. It is the experience-orientated connection between sports and nature, districts and municipalities. They symbolically stand for the connection of different environments, while dedicating themselves to various topics.

Why Costermano? There are many reasons. One, Costermano sul Garda with its districts Castion, Albaré and Marciaga is embedded in a gorgeous nature area between the picturesque municipalities Bardolino, Garda, Caprino Veronese and Affi, at the bottom of beautiful Monte Baldo. Two, it offers lots of natural products; Three, Costermano´s mayor has a vision. He wants to create a completely new infrastructure, incomparable to any existing nearby - with the goal to connect the surrounding municipalities through a bicycle route. He wants to build a bridge between the new and the old, between landscape and functionality, culture and curiosity. And he wants to create a world of experience, which puts the contact with nature in the centre of everything. This is not only (re)valorizing the whole region, but is also creating new job opportunities while attracting experience-orientated tourism. Cyclists, hikers, walkers, sportspeople and families should get the opportunity to explore the area and pass some memorable hours or days. The intent is also to open new avenues for residents constantly having that interaction between nature and culture on mind.

The project, which has been developed by the famous German landscape architect, Andreas Kipar, is ambitious. It proposes six theme parks and a 20 km long bicycle- and hiking route as a connection of them. Also part of the project is a 25 hectare big and well equipped landscape area. The expected costs are estimated on something more than 7 million euros are 

Each and everyone of the six parks is supposed to have its own identity, while being part of the whole showing connecting elements: There is the beautiful Valle dei Molini (Mill valley), which borders with Garda and Pizzon; there is the park, which through its hanging bridge sort of portays the entrance to the valley „Valle die Molini“; there is the experience garden of Castion; the sports park of Marciaga; the „Welcome Park“ in Albaré and park of the „Friendship between nations“ in Baesse. There furthermore is going to be built a 120 km long hiking trail in Bardolino.

The mayor of Costermano sul Garda explains that this whole project is even going to revaluate the name of Costermano. Sul Garda literally means over Garda, and a good part of the municipality actually overlooks Lake Garda – is right by the lake, without having beaches that physically touch the lake. Costermano therefore offers a perfect alternative to the kind of tourism, which puts a bathing vacation in the focus. It attracts people that like to move, explore the territory – cyclers, hikers – people who love to enjoy nature while being active. The aim is to connect various parks through bike and hike trails and to create an innovative infrastructure, in order to give the opportunity to explore different themes.

The first step will be taken in 2018: On good 1600 square meters, a modern youth hostel will emerge – very close to the world war museum. It will be built on two levels and will be surrounded by a 8000 squaremeter big garden area with access to a pool. There will be 24 rooms for young people, 8 with 6 beds and others with two or three beds each. Since the hostel is going to be meeting point for cyclists and young families, it will dispose of a save bicylce parking and a parking lot.

The concept of the comprehensive project provides lots of trees, flower meadows, bathing lakes, an amphitheatre on a hill with lakeview and gallery steps, which overlook the pond – just to name a few. It should attract dynamic activities like yoga or performances. There furthermore will be a project to build Costermano´s ritirement home. This project is supposed to create more and more infrastructure for different areas of life.

A short introduction to the parks

Parco dell´Accoglienza

The Parco dell´Accoglienza in the municipality of Costermano is supposed to be an „entrance“, a „reception area“ to the whole project. It should awaken the curiosity to explore the surrounding areas while still being in a somewhat urban environment.

Parco dello Sport

The Parco dello Sport, who´s winding gravel roads are currently in progress, is going to offer the possibility to rent or repair bicyles right next to the bar called „Bicigrill“, which is situated alongside the cycle trail. Multipurpose rooms will be created for kids parties, relaxing or fun events. Next to the main cycle trail, three zone will dedicate themselves to the following topics: There will be a sand island for mainly adults, where multiple sports activities like beach volleyball could arise. There will be an area for young people and children, in which they have the possibility to move around on paved floorings and green areas. This part of the park is supposed to be equipped by demountable and reconstructable sports devices. The third part of the Parco dello Sport will be dedicated to the smallest children to give them the opportunity to make their first steps in complete security and comfort.

Parco dell`Amicizia

In the Parco dell`Amicizia, the friendship park, a very modern youth hostel will be built. It is supposed to offer especially young travellers shelter and comfort. There will be big green areas, patches of trees and clearings to underline the harmonious rythms of the landscape sceneries. There will be fields of cherry trees as relax areas, playgrounds, a lookout point and an amphitheatre for different activities, as well as an enchanting pond.

Parco della Scoperta

The Parco della Scoperta is supposed to emerge in Castion as an experience garden to immerse all senses into nature.

Parco della Valle dei Mulini

The main element of focus of the Parco della Valle dei Mulini is water. This beautiful walk alongside the river is suitable for hikers of all ages in every season, especially in nice weather conditions. The torrent Tesina meanders through the valley, in which a 7 km long hiking route will arise launging some novelties: There will be a rest area with games for children. There are going to be artistic installations – some of them permanent, some of them temporary. There will be an info point, a maintenance service for cyclers and a parking area. All of it respecting nature and insuring a direct access to the torrent.

Parco del Ponte sospeso

In the Parco del Ponte sospeso it will be possible to admire the landscape 360 degrees on a hanging bridge, which overlooks the lake, the valley and the breathtaking hilly countryseide. The curcuit between the Valle dei Mulini and the Valle Strova offers large differences in height between the ridge and the valley, which give the possibilty to marvel at the landscape off another newly built bridge. There furthermore will be constructed a new hike section of 2,5 km, an info point, rest areas to eat something and parking lots. The old mill, the olive groves, the stroll alongside the torrent or the walks over the bridges, are definitely going to have their own kind of magic.

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