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Your lake Garda property market
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More traffic safety along the Gardesana

09 February 2017

No doubt that the Gardesana, the road along Lake Garda, is marvelous, but oftentimes seduces drivers to travel too fast, which can in the worst case scenario lead to bad accidents.

The municipality of Brenzone sul Garda puts itself out for more road safety. Bren­zone is a se­quence of small, scattered set­tle­ments along the shore of Lake Garda – directly by the Gardesana for example also a big school building.

To ensure more safety for its citizens but also drivers in general, Brenzone del Garda now invests almost 42.000 Euros, money the municipality has colllected from fines.

A part of that money, declares the mayor, is used for maintance and modernising public streets, hazard warning lines, road signs, street lighting ect. Another part of the money is invested to hire and equip more security forces to be able to make more traffic controls. Also traffic education and the mapping out of plans to enforce street security for children, eldery people, bike riders, pedestrians and so on is part of the project.

Along these lines have a good and safe trip!


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