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Major success for the “water filling station” in Garda

12 August 2013

In July 2012 the first “water filling station”, an automated and publicly available filling station for drinking water, was inaugurated. With more than 50.000 bottled litres during the months of June and July 2013 the expectations of AGS (Azienda Gardesana Servizi – local waterworks) were more than surpassed. In total, during these two months 19.900 litres of sparkling water and 30.900 litres of still water were bottled. While sparkling water (water with carbon dioxide) costs 5 cents per litre, still water is completely free of charge.

The particularly welcoming development is that with this project the end consumer does not only have to pay very little, but a big step is being taken towards improving environmental protection: converting the figures for June and July to the whole year a total of 340.000 plastic bottles of 1,5 litres can be saved – that corresponds to 80.356 kg of carbon dioxide which is not emitted to the atmosphere! At the same time AGS guarantees a product of the highest quality, which inhabitants and holiday makers alike appreciate. Due to its major success another two water filling stations are in the planning stage, one in Bardolino and one in Peschiera del Garda.

(Source: from 01.08.2013)

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