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Payment morale of broadcasting fees clearly improved

24 May 2017

Since 2016, the Italian broadcasting fees are payed together with the energy bills. By this it is assumed, that every house being connected to electricity, also has TV connections. If this is not the case, the owner of the property is responsible for proving the opposite. (More detailed information here)

Initially this new regulation has caused anger and disapproval by many consumers, but after a while it seems to work out well, showing some positive outcomes:

Tax authorities announce that out of the due broadcasting fees for 2016, which amount to 2.268 millions, 2.143 millions have already been paid by December 31st 2016.

The open items correspond to 5 % only – they are in conformity with the usual payment behaviour of energy bills and should decrease with the subsequent payments in 2017. Furthermore a significant increase of contributors has been registered: from 16,5 millions to 22 millions!

As a result of all that, since 2015, contribution rates were continously lowered: The original amount of 113,50 euros in 2015 has been reduced to 100 euros in 2016, the stipulated value for 2017 is 90 euros. In the end the new regulation is not only good for the revenue office, but also for the contributors!

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