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End of Conto Energia on July 06, 2013

17 June 2013

On June 06, 2013 GSE reached the upper limit of funding of 6,7 billion euros. This was immediately followed by the announcement of AEEG (autorità per l’energia elettrica) declaring to end Conto Energia on July 06, 2013.

System operators still have the following possibilities to cash in on their system
  • In situ exchange of electricity: “Scambio sul posto” is a solution which is particularly interesting for private households with small systems on their roofs. The electricity they produce will completely be fed into the net and the same amount can be reclaimed from the net at a later date.

  • One can sell it to GSE: “Ritiro Dedicato” is the name of this method, which is possible for systems up to 1 MW. Until Dicember 2013 a minimum price per kWh was guaranteed. Since January 01, 2014 this minimum price is adjusted to the zonal market price (prezzo zonale orario). This means that as of now this price will differ from region to region, in any case almost all plant operators have to expect a lower remuneration.

  • Another possibility to make a profit from one’s solar power system is the sale of electricity to independent wholesalers. However, you are well advised to carefully compare the conditions and fees of the various suppliers before you make a decision.

Due to funding provided by Conto Energia in Italy more than 530.000 systems with a total output of 18.000 MW have been applied for.

(Source: from 06.06.2013 and 26.01.2014)

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