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Late payment of electricity and gas bills

30 September 2013

Since September 01, 2013 new rules for the late payment of electricity and/or gas bills are in place.

By these rules electricity suppliers as well as gas suppliers are bound to inform the defaulting customer of their non-payment by registered mail and announce their intention to stop the electricity/gas supply. The supply must not be stopped earlier than 15 days after this announcement. The registered letter must announce the precise date when the supply will be stopped.

To justify the termination of electricity or gas supply, the date of payment has to be exceeded by at least 3 working days. In case the supplier does not respect one of these conditions, the customer is entitled to the amount of 30 euros credited to his next bill. The registered letter also has to include the information how the defaulting customer can confirm his payment, even though a message via registered mail always is the safest option. Should the defaulting customer only pay after the supply has already been stopped, the supply has to be reactivated no later than 2 days after payment has been effected. Otherwise the supplier has yet again to pay a compensation of 30 euros to the customer.

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