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First rate of property tax due on June 16th, 2017

05 June 2017

And here we are again: June 16th is about to come around – and with it a deadline, which property owners in Italy should not forget, since it is the closing date for paying the first rate of the annual municipal tax.

As of 2016, also for 2017 there won’t be any increase of the assessment rates – the applicable provisions are the ones from 2015. If you didn’t carry out any renovation works in your property, which would have caused an increase of the cadastral value, 50 % of the entire value paid in 2016 is due by June 16th. The outstanding balance is due with the second rate by December 16th, 2017.

Exempted from the IMU tax are all properties, which are being used as primary residences. And new this year: They are also exempted from the TASI service tax. Also tenants, having their primary residence in a leased property are not subject to paying their share of TASI. Excluded of this regulation are as usual luxury properties of the cadastral categories A1, A8 and A9.

Here some explicit rules and regulations of properties being owned by divorced couples or married couples not living together, as well as property owners living abroad:

  • Married couples may only register one property as their primary residence. If both spouses own a property in the same municipality, they have to decide, which of the two properties they want to register as primary residence, which is then exempted from taxation.
  • Exempted from taxation are also properties having been assigned by court to one of the divorced or separated spouses.
  • Italian citizens owning a property in Italy, but having their permanent residence abroad, do not have to pay the IMU and TASI taxes, on condition that they are already retired and registered at the registration office AIRE. Also, their property in Italy may not be rented out.

Here you find more detailed information about the individual local taxes and fees.

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