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New form when applying for an Italian tax code

01 July 2013

Since June 24, 2013 the Italian tax code, the so-called Codice Fiscale, can not only be applied for with the usual institutions (local municipality for new borns, single counter of the immigration office, and police headquarters for foreigners) but also via a newly introduced form, the so-called “Modello AA4/8”. This form can also be used for the notification of change of personal details or for request for a duplicate of your Italian health insurance card.

As of now it is necessary to state whether the application is made for oneself or for a third person. The form can be handed in at any Italian tax office against presentation of an ID card or – if necessary – on power of attorney. Foreigners can also consult the appropriate Italian consulate.
(Source: from 26.6.2013)

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