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Reduction of feed-in tariffs for existing photovoltaic systems with retrospective effect

14 August 2014

Already on August 11, 2014 the modified law “Decreto Competitività” came into force and confirms retroactive reductions of feed-in tariffs of photovoltaic systems starting at 200kW as well as modified payouts from 2015.

Among other things the new regulations results in the fact that since July 01, 2014 GSE does no longer reimburse the actual monthly production. Instead, monthly compensation payments at the rate of 90 % of the predicted annual revenue are being paid. Only in June of the following year the compensation payments will be set off against the energy output which was actually produced.

Moreover, by no later than November 30, 2014 all operators of photovoltaic systems have to opt for one of the following compensation options:

  • Longer running time with lower annual compensation
    With this option the total volume of the compensation remains almost unchanged. However, it will be spread out over 24 years.
  • Initially less, later more
    When you choose this option, you will receive a reduced feed-in compensation until 2019. However, the compensation will be increased after that so that the total amount of compensation over 20 years will stay the same.
  • Definitely less
    With the third option the running time of 20 years does not change. The feed-in tariff, however, will definitely be reduced:
  • 6 % less for systems of 200 to 500 kW
  • 7 % less for systems of 500 to 900 kW
  • 8 % less for systems above 900 kW

Be carefull

All operators of photovoltaic systems who have not opted for one of the three options by November 30, 2014, will automatically be allocated the third option starting on January 01, 2015!

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