Your lake Garda property market
Your lake Garda property market
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Expectations of the Lake Garda property market for 2017: More volume of sales with steadier prices

21 December 2016

The real estate market in Italy is finding it’s way out of the crises. The resaons for this revival are: regained trust in the market, tax reliefs, more loan grants and an easier access to properties because of lower prices. Even more than the construction industry, especially the trading of real estate ricovers – the tradeoffs, refurbishments and redevelopments of properties as well as all activities concerning services in regard.

The current estimated amount of the volume of sales for 2016 consists of 121 billions of Euros and achieves the values of 2010. The expectations for 2017 are even better, with an increase of 5,1 % compared to the preceding year, meanwhile the number of sales and puchases are estimated to be 8 %. The prices througout 2017 are supposed to remain static, whereas 2018 prices are supposed to rise!

Touristical requests refer to 2 – or 3 – bedroom appartments of about 70 to 100 square meters, as well as free standing houses and attached houses. Especially popular are newly built properties in a good position. Luxury properties alongside the lake promenade are popular as well, but there are less proposals on the market.

Current requests are mainly made by foreigners, predominantly by Nothern Europeans. Interested parties from Italy mainly come from Milan or South Tyrol.

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