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Your lake Garda property market
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Positive developments on the property market in Italy

02 September 2016

The property market in Italy is on its way to recovery. During the first six months in 2016 a speedy increase has been recorded; Omi, the Institute that watches the property market for the tax authorities, has been recording an increase of 17,3 % in buying and selling properties during the first three months in 2016 compared to the previous year. The housing market can even boast an increase of more than 20 %.

More and more foreign buyers invest in properties in Italy, a fact also recognized by agencies and experts from the real estate sector. Fabrizio Segalerba, member of the national council Fiaip, has more tips: Who wants to sell to foreigners, should build up a network of enterprises and international partners. Moreover, vendors have to understand that they not only sell a property to foreigners, but their customers are also interested in Italian art, history and quality of life. All of these aspects play a major role when advertising and marketing property abroad.

In the list published on the international property portal German buyers currently take first place among buyers who decide to invest into a property in Italy. Here one can record an increasing demand of 18 % compared to 2015. For the most part buyers are interested in properties within the price range of up to 250.000 €, which are ready to move into and situated outside large residential complexes.

The statistics of GardaLiving also confirm these tendencies: next to the clear increase in demand of almost 20 % compared to the previous year it is mostly holiday apartments within the medium price range which currently generate the greatest demand on the foreign market. For the time being the currently slightly lower prices are stabile, one can not yet make out any major price increases. The result is that currently there are attractive property offers everywhere around Lake Garda!

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