Your lake Garda property market
Your lake Garda property market
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Holiday home rental

Thanks to international agency portals and small, specialized placement agencies, it is easier than ever before to make capital out of your own four walls. As a result of this more and more property owners use their holiday home not only for their own vacation but as an additional source of income. This trend has affected also Lake Garda. Private vacation lettings around the lake grow from year to year.

If you are thinking about the opportunity to rent out your Lake Garda holiday home to vacationers, here is where you find first, important information on the topic:

Registration as holiday accomodation

There aren’t usually any problems if you want to make your Lake Garda property available as a holiday let, but before you start, you have to inform the responsible local authorities. continue


Next to the initial registration of the property as a holiday rental home, the landlord is obliged to register every guest at the appropriate province in order to then pay the visitor’s tax and income tax on due date. more

Apartment rental agency

If you yourself cannot or do not want to take care of the regular lettings of your property, it is advisable to have your property taken care of by a letting agency. Nowadays more and more agencies on Lake Garda specialize in the administration of holiday homes. continue

Professional letting of property

As a private person you are not allowed to rent out more than three real estate properties, otherwise you are subject to VAT because you enter the field of commercial leasing or rental. continue

Long term rental

Beware: should you intend to let your property on a permanent basis and not as a holiday home then the Italian regulations on tenant protection becomes effective. In Italy tenants have a lot of rights, and it is often very difficult for the landlord to terminate a permanent tenancy contract. If you find yourself in such a situation get plenty of advice from a lawyer! continue