Your lake Garda property market
Your lake Garda property market
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Holiday home letting agencies

If you yourself do not want to take care of the regular lettings of your property or if you do not live nearby and therefore do not have the possibility to take care of it, it is advisable to have your property taken care of by a letting agency. Nowadays more and more estate agencies on Lake Garda offer the administration of holiday homes. Simply ask the local agencies, if and under what conditions they might be prepared to undertake this service for you.

Usually the agencies offer you a fixed monthly rent for a certain period of time during which the property is being let to tourists by the agency at, for example, weekly intervals. This gives you the advantage that you do not have to take care of anything; you will only have a contractual relationship with the agency and not with each individual tourist. A different kind of agreement with the estate agency could be the following option: the agency is keeping a percentage of the rental income of each fully let property, and with this sum all agency costs for publicity, cleaning services, handing over of keys etc. are covered.

As with any other property contract the same rule applies here: before you sign anything, make absolutely sure that you have completely understood the contents of the contract, in particular if the contract is written in Italian. If the latter is the case, you should have this contract checked by a lawyer before you sign it or insist on a contract in German or English. You should also pay attention to the fact that the agency appears in its own name towards the tenant, so that you will not be made liable for the future contractual relationship between agency and tenant.

Good to know

As of June 1st 2017, intermediation agencies and online portals have to report any conclusion of a contract directly to the tax authorities and subsequently have to withold 21 % of the rental fee and pay it directly to the tax authorities. continue


Here you can find a list of letting agencies directly on Lake Garda: