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Tenancy agreements in Italy

Concerning long term tenancy agreements there are some things you need to pay attention to. Regarding the private use of a property in Italy one has to distinguish between four types of tenancy agreements. An essential requirement for the validity of all agreements is their written form!

Free tenancy agreement

With this type of tenancy agreement only the contract period is regulated by law so that the tenant and the landlord can agree on the rent between themselves. continue

Regulated tenancy agreement

With a regulated tenancy agreement not only is the duration of the contract a fixed one, but the rent is also regulated by the local authorities, which decide on a minimum or maximum value. continue

Tenancy agreement for a transitional period

The “contratto di locazione di natura transitoria” is concluded for a duration of up to 18 months and can only be concluded if either on the part of the landlord or on the part of the tenant a temporary need can be shown. continue

Tenancy agreement for students

The “contratto per studenti universitari” is reserved for students who have their permanent residence in a different location. It has a duration of six to 36 months. continue

Good to know

Since January 01, 2016 any extra-contractual agreement regarding rent owed has become invalid. The tenant has the possibility to claim all rent paid in excess within six months after having returned the property!