Your lake Garda property market
Your lake Garda property market
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Useful information when signing a tenancy agreement

Additional costs when signing a tenancy agreement

In addition to the monthly rent a tenant has to bear other expenses on conclusion of a tenancy agreement. One also has to pay for fiscal stamps, the estate agent’s commission, a deposit and the registration of the tenancy agreement. continue

Utilites and common charges

At Lake Garda a lot of property for rent is located in larger or smaller private housing estates. These often offer great comfort but one should always take into account that the maintenance costs of these residential complexes cause a lot of extra expense. continue

Rent and increase of rent

Rental costs around Lake Garda are relatively high. Basically the following rule applies: the shorter the period of tenancy the higher the monthly rental costs will be. continue

Registration of the tenancy agreement

All tenancy agreements which exceed a period of 30 days have to be publicly registered within 30 days on completion of the contract. Without this registration the tenanty agreement is not valid! continue

Rights, obligations and maintenance

Tenant and landlord have various rights and obligations. Before you invest in maintenance works on your rented property always check with your landlord who is paying so that it is clear from the start who will cover the costs. continue

Sale of the rented property

If the landlord wishes to sell the property you have rented, you as tenant have the first option to buy it. Should you refuse, the landlord is obliged to offer the property to other potential buyers under the same conditions. continue