Your lake Garda property market
Your lake Garda property market
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Enjoying lake Garda without barriers

When looking for your dream house the topic of living without barriers is constantly gaining interest in the region of Lake Garda. The market is taking this into consideration; in particular with new properties there is a constant increase in the offer of houses and apartments without barriers.

An ideal solution for all

“Living without barriers” is often automatically linked to the idea of houses which are specifically catering to the special needs of people with disabilities. In reality, however, this term is to be understood as something which offers unrestricted living comfort on just one living level to all people independent of age and physical form. Ample room for movement in all rooms, bathrooms without architectural obstacles, doing without stairs and access to garden and terrace at ground level are just a few features which characterize a property without barriers.

Valuing the surroudings

Those who do not want to renounce easy accessibility even outside their own four walls, should not only take great care over choosing their own property but also take the local situation into consideration: as beautiful as the villages around Lake Garda are, unfortunately, one has to take into account that some places are absolutely unsuitable for people with disabilities. Some places are formed of several smaller villages and therefore do not have a proper centre. This means that one has almost always to rely on the use of a car. Other places are located on a hill and – with the exception of the lakeside promenade – one constantly has to move uphill and downhill. Due to these geographical circumstances the places on the southern shore of Lake Garda as well as those at its northern end are to be preferred.

Tax reliefs

The Italian state also provides numerous tax benefits for disabled persons and members of their families. These benefits affect direct as well as indirect taxes and include interventions with one’s own property. read more

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