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Building regulations in Italy

Before you can start any type of building, renovation or maintenance works, you often have to take a number of bureaucratic hurdles. This might result in long periods of awkward waiting times, but in the long run you do well to stick to the rules and obtain all necessary authorizations before the start of the building works.

Town planning in Italy is regulated not only on a national level, but also on regional, provincial and municipal levels. Therefore it is not possible to make a general statement concerning the kind of authorization you have to obtain for particular building projects. You should consult a specialist, who will inform you on the types of permits which are necessary in your particular case or which might be of advantage to you. Numerous municipalities provide detailed information on their websites. It is advisable to make an appointment with the responsible of the local building authority (Ufficio Tecnico) to be better able to ascertain whether the planned building measures will be authorized by the municipality and which bureaucratic steps will have to be undertaken.

We have restricted ourselves to give brief explanations of the existing building permits and to add a few examples to demonstrate how they can be applied.

Building permit

The application for a building permit must be signed by an authorized specialist and then handed in at the counter of the responsible municipality. The municipal administration has a period of 60 days to examine the application. continue

Announcment to the start of the building work

If the municipal administration does not object to the announcement within 30 days, the building works can start immediately after this 30-day period or, at the latest, within the year. continue

Certified announcement to the start of the building work

The SCIA (segnalazione certificata di inizio attività) is also a type of announcement to the start of building works, which can be handed in as an alternative to the ordinary DIA. continue

Free construction works

Some building projects can be carried out without informing the municipal administration. continue

Certificate of habitability

The certificate of habitability gives information as to whether the property corresponds to the standards of Italian building regulations as well as local development plans. continue

Declaration of confirmity

The declaration of conformity for installations cetifies that the installations are in compliance with the relevant Italian and European safety standards. continue

Energy performance certificate

The energy performance certificate is issued by independent agencies and defines the technical standards and energetic performance categories for heating systems, hot water production and air-conditioning of properties. continue

Earthquake engineering

Since 2003 Itlay is subdevided into four main risk zones by the National authorities. All new constructed buildings have to correspond to antiseismic norms and standards from this time on. A seismic classifictaion of buildings is also projected. continue

Sanctions and waiver of building misdemeanours

If building works are carried out differently from those authorized or without the relevant authorization or the authorization has been applied for subsequently, these procedures constitute an infringement of the law. continue

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