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Your lake Garda property market
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Delayed payment


If the tenant is in arrears with the payment of the rent or additional costs for more than 20 days, the landlord is entitled to dissolve the tenancy agreement, provided the outstanding payment does not exceed two monthly rents. The tenant is entitled to take legal action against the termination of the agreement and to reverse the termination by paying the unpaid items plus the interest accrued and legal costs in the first hearing. If it can be shown that the tenant is in financial difficulties, the judge has the option of granting a delay of 90 days, followed by a second hearing after a maximum of 10 days after the deferred payment. If the tenant is not more than two monthly rents in arrears and his financial difficulties result from sudden unemployment or illness, a delay of payment of up to 120 days can be granted. Within the course of a four-year contract deferred payment can be claimed up to four times.