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Heating degree days

Gradi Giorni

Heating degree day is a measurement designed to reflect the demand for energy needed during the heating period. It is used to help to calculate the heating costs of a building. The figure results from the sum of the variances of the common indoor temperature (in Italy this has been set at 20°) from the average outdoor temperature during a certain period of time. The lower the figure indicated the shorter the heating period and consequently the heating costs. On the other hand, a high figure indicates a long heating period and therefore higher heating costs.

For a more accurate calculation of the heating degree days the whole of Italy has been divided into different climatic zones; these reach from A (very short heating period) to F (very long heating period). With the exception of Brenzone (climate zone D) as well as Drena, San Zeno di Montagna and Tignale (climate zone F) all other locations around Lake Garda fall into the group of climate zone E. This means the heating period starts on October 15th and ends on April 15th.