Your lake Garda property market
Your lake Garda property market
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Beautiful sells better

Home staging is the professional “revamp” of a property that is for sale or rent. Home staging, done correctly, attracts a wider range of specifically targeted prospective buyers. With home staging a property sells much faster and for the highest realistic price. Home staging is therefore an efficient and effective aid in helping with the sale of properties.

In the USA they have been using home staging since the 70’s and in Scandinavia and Great Britain home staging has been about for many years. In Germany the first home staging agency opened in 2006, since then however, the field of home staging has found more and more followers. Thankfully, even though the profession as home stager outside of the main cities is still quite unknown in Italy, on Lake Garda you are able to find one or more experienced home stagers.

Home Staging – a new trend

The average sale time for a property presented with home staging was just 64 days in the year 2015, whereas the average sale time for one without was 282 days! continue

Also for your property!

With home staging, properties are perfectly prepared for sale or rent. Home staging is a great resource in setting your property apart from other homes on the market, regardless of whether it is for sale or rent, newly built or still occupied. continue

Numerous vantages

Faster sale to a better price due to Home Staging! This is the recap of the numerous vantages offered by Home Staging. continue

The costs

The costs of Home Staging are way lower then the first price reduction. So do not ask yourself if you can afford home staging, ask yourself if you can afford to do without home staging! continue

Professional Home Stagers

First of all, you should make sure that the home stager has the appropriate qualifications and professional liability insurance. You should also insist on a written quote and contract. continue

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