Your lake Garda property market
Your lake Garda property market

Find your dream property on Lake Garda!

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Lake Garda – place of longing and dream home in one!

An international crowd and people from German-speaking countries, in particular, are attracted by the beauties of Lake Garda; and that throughout the year. A lot of people decide to rent a property for a long period or to buy one and thus turn the largest lake in Italy into their permanent second home or, ultimately, into their adopted country.


Its privileged geographic position between the Alps and the Po Valley make Lake Garda an attractive location for one’s home. continue


The sub-Mediterranean climate with its hot summers and mild winters with low precipitation is another factor for the popularity of Lake Garda! continue


A lot of people do not know that Lake Garda is divided into three provinces: While the northern top forms part of Garda Trentino, the eastern shore from Malcesine to Valeggio sul Mincio forms part of the province of Veneto. The part of the lake stretching from Sirmione in the south to Limone in the north-west belongs to the province of Lombardy. continue

Lake Garda in figures

Altitude: 65 m
Surface area: 369,98 km²
Length: 51,6 km
Width: 17,2 km
Size: 158,4 km
Maximum depth: 346 m
Average depth: 136 m

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