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Moving to Italy

Regardless of whether you are taking the move into your own hands or hiring a moving company: almost as soon as you have arrived in Italy you have to deal with the Italian bureaucracy, especially if you are making a permanent move to Italy.

Re-registration of residence

EU-citizens no longer need a residence permit for Italy. This means that the same registration process is in place as for the local population. continue

Tranfer your vehicle

If you decide to move to Italy on a permanent basis, you are required to register your vehicle within six months of your move. continue

Recognition of driving licence

Basically your EU driving licence is accepted in Italy. However, if you move to Italy on a permanent basis you should have your driving licence registered and recognized by the relevant Traffic Control Authority Office. continue

How to bring your pet to Italy

If you plan to take a dog, cat or ferret to Italy, make sure you have got a properly completed EU-pet passport. continue

Removal companies

If a move abroad is concerned, it is advisable to seek the help of a specialized removal company, which will certainly save you a lot of worries and unexpected trouble. continue

Do it yourself

If you should have decided to organize your move to Italy without the help of a removal company, you should stick to some important rules. continue

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