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Your lake Garda property market
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What you need to be aware of when insuring your property

Current Italian legislation does not require insurance to be taken out for a private home or a rented apartment. This means that the owner him or herself decides if they want to run the risk of fire, water, gas or weather damage without taking out an insurance policy.

Strangely enough the tenant is often obliged to take out insurance on a rented apartment as the owner of the apartment/house wants some kind of surety that the tenant will treat the rented property with care.

Advantages when taking out an insurance in Italy

In a lot of cases an insurance policy does not provide the possibility of insuring a property located abroad. And even if this is the case in some countries, it is advisable to have a local contact who speaks the same language as the expert, understands the legal situation and knows which steps have to be taken as he understands the local situation.

It also results in an enormous reduction of the processing time in case of damage. A local insurance partner is most certainly an advantage; even if you have a reliable insurance partner back home, that person is miles away and does not understand the Italian conditions!

Recommended insurances

No matter whether you are the owner or the tenant, in both cases it would be a good idea to take out an insurance. The costs are usually fairly low and the advantages are numerous. continue

How to recognize trustworthy insurers

It is always advisable to consult a leading, internationally known insurance company, which is also represented in your native country. continue

Insurance option on conclusion of a loan

If you have to raise a mortgage to purchase your dream property, you have various possibilities to cover this mortgage. continue

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