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Your lake Garda property market
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The focus of the European photovoltaic market is steadily shifting from one country to another dependent on the current feed-in tariffs, so that it’s now wide spread and not just led by one or two countries.

Market developement

Italy had its highpoint from 2008 until 2013, thanks to high insolation and attractive government promotions the investment in photovoltaic systems was made a lucrative enterprise. Not just public buildings, but mainly private households increasingly switched over to this alternative energy.

Already in the year 2013 small systems from private households with less than 6kWp represented a whole 83 % of the Italian photovoltaic market with a market share of 26 % of the entire production of solar energy in Italy and the Italian photovoltaic market is still growing:

In 2015 solar systems with a total output of about 300 MW were installed and, according to New Energy Projects, this figure could rise to 400 MW in 2016. The most interesting part of this development is the fact that of the 300 MW installed in 2015 more than 50 % were allotted to small systems with a capacity of up to 20 kW and, in particular, to mini systems under 6 kW. This fact we can certainly put down to the possibility of a tax write-off of up to 50 %. Private households are entitled to claim this benefit even in 2016. (See below).



Solar energy can be used to generate electricity as well as hot water. Basically one distinguishes between two different techniques to convert solar power into useable energy:

Solar thermal energy

The solar thermal system consists of solar collectors, which are usually mounted on the roof, and a solar storage tank which stores the generated energy for a short time. continue


Photovoltaic systems are put together by several solar modules which in turn consist of individual solar cells. These are wired in series, which means that the output in each solar cell gets added. continue