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Taxation in Italy

Taxes in Italy are obligatory which means that the taxpayer has to pay by means of a so-called self-assessment procedure thus identifying and, at due date, paying his taxes without being notified of the tax bill. As payment defaults as well as late payments are often punished with high fines and default interest a couple of years later, it is advisable to seek the help and advice of an Italian tax consultant, who takes charge of this task for you.

Income tax

In Italy even the use of your own property is subject to income tax. In other words, even as a foreigner who owns property in Italy you are obliged to an Italian tax declaration! continue


When buying a new house directly from the building company within five years of construction, value added tax must be added. continue

Land transfer tax

Land transfer tax, which is a one-off payment when buying a property, consists of registration tax, mortgage tax and land register tax. continue

Council and property tax

The council tax IUC (Imposta Comunale Unica) consists of the following three components: property tax, service tax and refuse disposal tax. continue

Speculation tax

Tax on speculative gains is due to property owners which sell there properties within 5 years. The tax rate is based on the difference between the purchase price and the selling price of the property and varies due to the personal tax category. continue

Luxury tax

Affected by this extra tax on luxury goods are cars over 185 kW as well as any type of aircraft. Also properties can be categorized as “luxurious”. continue

Inheritance tax and gift tax

Owners of a property in Italy are not automatically subject to the Italian inheritance and gift legislation. If this person is Italian, the Italian law of succession applies. If this person is not Italian, the succession follows the law of succession of the relevant native country. continue

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